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Due to the nature of my business, it is much easier for me to respond quickly to text messages. Please text me with your name and reason for inquiry and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!


Kaety Bowers

  • Trained in Advanced Pigment Color Theory Formulation

  • Trained in Pigment Color Correction / Modification

  • Certified Permanent Makeup Artist Technician

  • Certified Simulated Brow Stroke (Microblading) Technician

  • Certified Paramedical Micropigmentation Technician

  • Certified Tattoo Fade / Removal and Scar Camouflage Technician

  • Master Cosmetic Enhancements : ACAS

  • Student under Lauren Gibler : LPG Aesthetics : Canton, Ohio

  • Graduate of Academy of Arts and Sciences : Katrina Bodrato, Campus Dean

  • Certified Scalpa SMP Technician

  • Certified Daria Chuprys Hairstroke Technique

  • Member of the SPCP

  • Licensed Missouri Tattoo Artist

  • Licensed Missouri Cosmetologist

  • Licensed Kansas Cosmetologist


About me...

Growing up in Western Kansas, I was always passionate about makeup. The idea that I could change the way I looked with a $3 eye shadow from the grocery store fascinated me! (blue eye shadow never did me any favors by the way) I obtained my Kansas Cosmetology license in 2005, ditched the blue eye shadow and every road I've taken since has led me to this place; Permanent Makeup. I am now able to offer women or men what I call Instant Aesthetic Gratification- or instant facial transformation in less fancy terms.

Ask yourself, are you tired of one eyebrow attending Harvard and the other sleeping on the street? While I can't guarantee a scholarship to Harvard or a Get Out of Jail Free Card, I can help you wake up with your makeup in place! Beautiful hair stroke eyebrows are yours to be had!

On the more serious side and at the heart of my profession, I also offer Paramedical tattooing. I can replace lost eyebrows or hairlines due to cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania or the aging process. Truly, it would be my pleasure to help anyone in need of these services. Please do not hesitate to reach out. 

 Kaety Bowers

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