Please make no mistake, an eyebrow microblade procedure is a tattoo service. Pigment is being placed next to your skin’s dermis with a small blade, dipped in ink. Therefore, if any artist you are considering soliciting service from does not have a current tattoo license I would implore you to research their qualifications. The following are my reasons why.

In the state of Missouri, microblading is currently unregulated by the Missouri Office of Tattooing, Body Piercing and Branding. They have however, issued a warning on their website. It states as follows: “The Office would like to caution Missouri consumers to ask individuals offering to provide 'microblading' services about their training and qualifications to perform such service before receiving 'microblading' services.”. 

The Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals has also released a statement regarding microblading which you can read here.

As a licensed tattoo artist, I was required to obtain over 300 hours of education including CPR and First Aid certification in order to attain my Missouri license. Most importantly, a great majority of those educational hours were spent on blood borne pathogen education, proper sanitation procedures and client protection. My proficiency was observed and approved by a tattoo preceptor who ensured proper artistic and clinical technique. I cannot stress enough the importance of client safety through stringent adherence to these guidelines. Blood spill safety protocol and bloodborne pathogen management are two areas that education should never be taken lightly.

In conclusion, because your health and well-being are extremely important to me, even if I’m not your artist of choice, I can provide referrals to other talented ladies in the area. You’ll never regret placing your health first.


❤ Kaety Bowers